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Looking Back

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I found some old photos on my hard drive today and decided to play. Here are a couple of Noah when he was six months old. It’s hard to believe that this was over a YEAR ago! They grow up so fast! In just a few short months, he will be a big brother.

I miss this little guy…

Ohio Baby Photographer

Ohio Baby Photographer

Jacob – Columbus Baby Photographer

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This little guy is my nephew, Jacob. He is one year old, and oh-so sweet. He was born with so much hair that he had several haircuts before his first birthday. His hair grows like crazy! Since he always has the chaos of four siblings around him, he is a very calm and easy-going baby.

Big hugs and kisses from Aunt Leah!

Oh, Snap!

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It is so important to capture your children as they grow up, even if you just take happy snapshots.  My son is not one of those children who suffers from “Photographer’s Child Syndrome,” the phenomenon where children of photographers hate to get their picture taken because they always have a camera shoved in their faces.  It helps that he hasn’t seen my camera in more than a month, and I only brought my camera out for about 5 minutes to catch him playing.  I don’t spend long trying to get him to smile or do something cute.  I just get in there, snap snap snap, and get out!  He is still curious and smiling instead of being frustrated and upset with me.

Happy Photographing!


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