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On January 1st, I started a project where I’m (supposed to be) taking a picture every day of 2016. I thought I’d quit after a few days like I’ve done in the past. In previous projects, if I missed one day, I’d just quit. This time I didn’t let the fact that I missed a day here and there stop me from picking up where I left off. I blame my friend (and amazing south Florida lifestyle photographer) Emily for this project. Blame is probably the wrong word. I thank her for it. She’s the one who brought the idea back into my awareness and also the one that is pushing me to keep pushing the button. She started talking about this project, and it sounded IMPORTANT. These are images of my children, my life, my heart… images that I will treasure in the future, more than I can even imagine now. This project makes me feel like I’m being pushed to be a better photographer and a better mom. These images of my children make my heart sing. I hope they will make you smile, too.

Here are a few of my favorite images from January.

toddler bath towel

toddler eating dinner

sleeping baby

baby cuddling with daddy

toddler looking out the window

playing peekaboo with baby

toddler wearing goggles in the bathtub

toddler snowball fight

man working at desk

breastfeeding close up

toddler girl looking into baby crib

Claire is Two | Columbus Baby Photographer

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My Claire-bear is two years old! I didn’t get around to taking these pictures until she was a few months past her second birthday, but here they are. She is going through the “I can do it myself!” stage right now, so when I tried to put this little antique romper on her, she definitely ripped the back seam open trying to put it on all by herself. This little romper is something I bought over a year ago with the idea that I would take her pictures in it when it fit her. It hangs on the wall of my studio in a shadowbox frame, and I’m glad that I was able to use it for this session.

What else can I say about Claire? She’s The Best. I call her the heart of our family. She makes us all laugh, and we are all so in love with her. Right now I’m expecting her little sister (due in less than two months), and Claire sometimes points to my belly and says “I want to hold her.” She asks for cuddles when she gets up in the morning. She wants to “hug-kiss” all the time. She is so very affectionate and happy, and we can’t believe we got so blessed with her!

Here are some of my favorite images of her joyful face.

columbus baby photographer

columbus ohio photographer

dayton baby photographer

dayton photography studio

dayton photographer

baby photographer

baby photography

And last but not least, a progression of Claire from newborn, 1 year, and 2 years old… I can’t believe how much she has grown!

columbus birth and baby photographer

Claire is One | Dayton Ohio Baby Photographer

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My Claire-Bear is one year old. Here is an excerpt from our baby girl’s first year. There are a lot of pictures, but there are dozens and dozens more that I didn’t post. The first picture in the chair on the left was taken at 10 days old, and the one on the right was taken on her birthday.

How did we get from this…. to that?

Her first steps in October…

These last two were taken on her birthday…

Happy Birth Day to my sweet Claire. I love you, now and always, no matter what.


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