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My Claire-Bear is one year old. Here is an excerpt from our baby girl’s first year. There are a lot of pictures, but there are dozens and dozens more that I didn’t post. The first picture in the chair on the left was taken at 10 days old, and the one on the right was taken on her birthday.

How did we get from this…. to that?

Her first steps in October…

These last two were taken on her birthday…

Happy Birth Day to my sweet Claire. I love you, now and always, no matter what.

Dear Claire,

You are two months old… I just can’t believe it! You are getting bigger everyday. You are smiling a lot now, and starting to give a hint of a laugh. You “talk” to us, and we love your little coos and noises. You love to be moving, whether it’s riding in the car, sitting in the swing, being in the rocking chair with me or daddy or Nana, or hanging out with me in the Moby wrap. You do not like to stop!

Daddy put this onesie on you last night, and I cracked a huge grin when I saw you in it. It’s so perfect – you really are my sunshine! You are the one who lights up my day, even in this dreary gray wintertime. You are my beautiful little ray of sun. I love you so very, very much.


baby girl smiling
chubby baby
two month old baby girl
dayton ohio baby photography
ohio baby photographer
dayton family photographer
black and white baby in backlight

I was playing around with my boys today, and I thought these images would look nice as animated GIF’s. It was my first time using Photoshop to “animate.” I think they turned out super cute!

Noah playing Peekaboo!

boy playing peekaboo

Lucas was being a little shy.

shy toddler boy

I can’t believe Claire is already one month old! It’s crazy how the last month of your pregnancy is sooooo slow, and the first month of your baby’s life is SOOOO fast! Here are some pictures of Claire when she was 9 and 10 days old. My girl…

newborn baby on a chair

baby girl in a bucket

newborn baby girl

dayton ohio newborn photography

baby close up

newborn girl photography

baby girl with bonnet

close up of baby on a chair

sleeping baby

black and white newborn photography

sweet baby face

And a couple with her brothers. Noah holding her…

big brother holding baby sister

Lucas watching her sleep…

toddler boy and newborn girl

Big thanks to my sister Sarah for the adorable hand-made bonnets in numbers 6 & 7, and thank you for spending the weekend with us and helping me with her photo shoot!

Claire’s Birth.

December 19, 2012

Our daughter Claire was born at home on November 29, 2012 after 15 hours of labor. This was our first home birth (after having two boys in the hospital), and it was a wonderful experience. I am so glad I had a photographer to capture these images for me. Every time I look at them, I can’t help but feel some of the magic of that day all over again.

A huge thank you to my husband, my sister-in-law (and photographer!), my midwife and her assistant for being my fantastic team on Claire’s birth day. Her birth was amazing. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Photographs by Dayton birth photographer Kristin Jent of Joyful Hearts Birth Photography.