Well, so far the spring has been stormy and wild and gray. In stark contrast to that are the beautiful babies I have had the pleasure of photographing. They have all been calm and tiny and beautiful. This little man was no exception. He was 14 days old at our session. His mom and I went to high school together, and it was so good to see her again. She was happy and oh-so-proud of her new baby. I feel all warm and fuzzy when I look at these images. Take that, Gray Skies!

dayton ohio newborn photography

dayton ohio newborn photographer

dayton ohio baby photographer

dayton ohio baby photography

13 Responses to “You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray. | Wilmington Ohio Newborn Photographer”

  1. I love your posing! The baby looks so peaceful. Love, love, LOVE the one in the bowl! So sweet.

  2. Jen Gasper says:

    I don’t even think that I could pick a favorite! These are just perfectly beautiful! Well, maybe I like the one with the hat the best…or the b&w…or the one in the basket….hahaha. See, I just can’t pick!

  3. Katie Cox says:

    You snuck in a new one! Love it love it love it!!! Good to see you too and thanks for not saying, ‘His sweaty mom…’ ;)

  4. Sylvia Borgo says:

    Oh, my! Oh my, oh my. Pure sweetness. Pure chunky sweetness. I adore these images, Leah – especially the one in the basket!

  5. Lina says:

    Oh Leah, you are stunning! That last one is soooo sweet! Gorgeous work!! I’m blown away by your talent!

  6. Fantastic newborn work, Leah. What a BEAUTIFUL baby. That first one makes me just want to lie down and take a nap, while dreaming of perfect peace. Love love love.

  7. Lisa H says:

    Oh my goodness, these are SO sweet Leah! What a gorgeous baby! I think 2 and 5 are my favorites? But really, I love them all! Beautiful work!

  8. Kristin says:

    Beautiful work Leah!! I absolutely love them all!

  9. Carrie says:

    So beautiful and peaceful!

  10. Kate Craft says:

    Ohhh how perfect is that lil bub. Great images Leah.

  11. Nicole Z says:

    Gorgeous work Leah! Love, Love, Love that last shot. Too precious!!!

  12. desi says:

    wow girl! when did you get so good at newborns?
    well well done

  13. ashley says:

    How did I miss this one! Gorgeous images! Love that last one especially!