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By October 28, 2010Personal

Saturday I had the pleasure of being my sister’s wedding photographer. Niki and her new husband Clifford live about 700 miles from my house. Photographing their wedding would not have been possible without the help and collaboration of many people, so I begin with a lot of heartfelt thank yous:

To Niki and Clifford, for asking me to photograph your wedding – I am so happy and honored! To my husband Nathan, for taking off work and driving a grand total of 27 hours with two babies in the car – I could not live without you. To my mom, grandma, and aunts who helped Nathan with the babies while I was working – I could not have a better support system! To my grandparents for letting my family of four crash at your house for five days – thank you and we love you! To the wedding party – you guys were seriously gorgeous, and you made the day fun and fantastic! And to all the people involved in decorating, planning, and attending the wedding – thank you for making the wedding beautiful!

Okay, I know my thank-you speech ran a little long. I hear the music starting to play, so I’ll get off the stage now and show some photos! Here is a HUGE share…

The guys.

The girls. And Ryan, the best “bridesman” ever.

The ladies had serious mustache envy.

The first time Niki and Clifford saw each other. I’m so glad they let me stay and capture a few photos. I love this moment.

Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs.!



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