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Life Stories Series: The Story Of A Boy And His Aliens.

By October 28, 2011February 16th, 201919 Comments

Ever see a photographer who starts out with a 365 day project, or even a 52 week project and never finishes? Yeah, me too. Well, I recently joined a group of a few other busy photographers who decided to commit to a 12 month project! If we fail this, we’ll be taking donations for a time management seminar. The best part is that it will be totally candid, lifestyle shots of each of our own families/lives. We don’t even have to dredge up random people or make our kids pose for us. We’re calling the series “The Story of ________” and we’ll each be filling in our own blanks. At the end of this post is a link to another photographer who participated, and she’ll be linking to someone else. It’s a whole big circle of stories in pictures. Click through and enjoy!

boy laying on the stairs
toddler toes

boy in his jammies

Noah loves these pajamas. They are soft, comfortable, and cute. Just like him.

Click to see the next Story in our series, from talented New Jersey Photographer, Claire Hunter.