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What I Know Now. | Wilmington Ohio Baby Photographer

By May 19, 2011January 22nd, 20126 Comments

Before we had babies, I spent some time watching other people with kids, thinking about how I was going to do things when I had my own. I will be the best mom ever, I would say to myself. My kids will sleep through the night at three months old, and they’ll be potty trained at 18 months. They are going to be so smart and well-behaved! If only life worked that way. Reality is that my almost-three-year-old son has a speech delay. But he can say 50+ words now, and he has learned 3 words in sign language: milk, please, and thanks. My 11-month-old still wakes up an average of three times per night to nurse. But he takes an afternoon nap at the same time as his big brother. I’m tired, but I’m blissfully happy. I had high hopes and big dreams. But reality, in all its imperfection, is far more perfect.

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