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Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project | Thank You!

By August 8, 2014February 14th, 20192 Comments

I want to give a big, huge thank you to all of the moms who participated in the Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project with me. So many people felt drawn to this project and wanted to show their support for mothers who are nursing or feeding their babies breastmilk. The majority of the comments I have seen or received have been completely supportive and positive. I have only seen a handful of comments that were negative, and it is for toward those people who are negative that we raise our collective voice. We are not ashamed of these images. We are simply feeding our babies.

Thank you to Leilani Rogers for starting this project. What an amazing week it has been! The project went live on August 1st, and more than 50 photographers participated. You can find the images on different social media with the hashtag #PBAP2014. The project gained popularity quickly, and was eventually picked up by BabyCenter, The Stir, and The Huffington Post!

THANK YOU to the mothers and babies and businesses who have made this project possible! Here are a few of my favorite images. After you’ve looked through these images, be sure to click this link to view some images by the amazingly talented BC, Canada birth photographer, Ashley Marsten. (Yes, the project was international!) If you follow the link located on Ashley’s page, you should be able to follow a “blog circle” of some of the participating photographers in this year’s project. I hope you enjoy the photographs as much as I do!

Mama Kelli and baby John, 19 months.

Mama Alexis and baby Oliver, 19 months.

Mama Kim and baby Acelynne, 9 months.

Mama Ashley and baby Anthony, 13 months.
Mama Lauren and baby Harper, 9 months.

Mama Danielle and baby Hailey, 12 months.

Mama Morgan and baby Ava, 7 months.

Mama Connie and baby Preston, 9 months.
Mama Erika and baby Jack, 9 months.
These images were taken with permission at Classic Pizza in Huber Heights Ohio.

Mama Kerrie and baby Liam, 8 months.

Mama Ashley and baby Allison, 6 months.
These images were taken with permission at Blue Manatee in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Mama Tara and babies Leo, 9 months, and Vincent, 2 years.
These images were taken with permission at Samozrejme in Troy, Ohio.

20 local mamas and babies nursing happily at the park!