Frequently Asked Questions | Birth Photography

Why should I hire a professional photographer? Can’t my partner (or midwife/nurse/etc.) take pictures during the birth?
Your partner and each member of your support team already has a very important role: taking care of you and baby! Your partner also deserves to be in the photographs. A professional photographer can focus on one single task: capturing your story in an honest and beautiful way. I come to each birth with professional equipment, as well as experience in both photography and the process of birth, and I use these skills to tell the story of your baby’s birth day.

Do I have to put my private images on the internet?
Absolutely not! When it comes to posting online, every individual has her own comfort level for how much she is willing to share. I have clients at each end of the spectrum. Some clients don’t want any of their images online, and others want to share everything. I am okay with whatever decision our moms and dads make when it comes to sharing their birth stories and images. I always, always show moms and dads their images first before publishing them online, and they have the final say on what I can and cannot share or use in my portfolio.

What about nudity and the graphic nature of birth?
Birth is a very personal experience, and we are looking in on a very intimate window into a family’s world. I definitely respect your private space throughout your labor and birth, and I will photograph your birth in accordance with your wishes. I have clients at both ends of this spectrum as well. Some women want everything captured on camera, and other women would like me to use discrete angles when photographing their births. This is something that we go over when we have our pre-consultation meeting with you, and you can change your minds at any point during the birth session. If I am ever doing anything that makes my clients uncomfortable, I want them to let us know, so I can move, stop, take a “camera break” or leave. The comfort of mom during the Birth Day is so important to me!

How far will you travel for a birth?
I will travel up to 60 miles (about an hour’s drive) to the birth place from my home without a separate travel fee. This includes most of Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati. If you would like to know if I will travel to a certain area, please contact me with the Zip code of the hospital or birth place.

What if you can’t make it to our birth?
If I am ill or cannot make it to your birth for another reason, I will call a backup photographer to arrange coverage for your birth. In the highly unlikely event I can’t make it due to illness or emergency, and I cannot get a backup for your birth, you will receive a full refund of any payment and deposit. If I don’t make it to your birth through no fault of my own (ie. the birth was very fast, the hospital refused to admit the photographer, the photographer was not called in time, etc.) your session retainer fee is not refundable.

When do we call you? When do you come?
Please call as soon as you think you are in labor, day or night, just to give me a head’s up. I come to births when mom is in active labor. This usually means when she is having contractions 5 minutes apart and/or she is 5cm dilated, but all births are different. I love being kept up-to-date on what is happening, so please don’t worry about calling too soon or too late at night! We will discuss more about “when to call” at our initial consultation meeting.

What if I need a C-section?
Photographing your birth is my job, no matter where or how the birth takes place. I am more than comfortable with photographing a C-section delivery. Different hospitals have different policies regarding C-section and operating room births. Sometimes birth photographers are allowed into the operating room, and sometimes they are not allowed. Even in hospitals where birth photographers are not allowed, some doctors make allowances if the parents request it before or on the day of delivery. It never hurts to ask! If I am not allowed to come into the OR, I would still capture before and after delivery, family interactions, and those precious moments with your fresh newborn baby.

How long will my photographer stay at my birth?
I guarantee up to 10 hours of coverage for a birth. If you call me to come during active labor, 10 hours is usually more than enough time to capture the birth and the precious first moments of bonding right after the baby is born. I usually stay at a birth 1-2 hours after the baby is born.

Please contact me if you have additional questions about birth photography!


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